Facebook Leads for Time Spent Online

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comScore charts show Facebook time increased rapidly in Fall 2007

Neilsen Ratings, another popular Internet marketing research company, released data showing nearly 23% of Americans spend their time on social networks, the largest category of all online activity. To draw a comparison, if total Internet time were condensed into an hour, almost 14 minutes of that hour would be spent on social networking!

Looking at the latest monthly traffic figures from comScore, Google reported over 1 billion global users for the first time in August. However, Yahoo managed to edge out Google to rank as the top site in monthly traffic with almost 180 million unique visitors (this may have something to do with their partnership with Microsoft). Google ranked with 178.8 million, followed by Microsoft with 165.3 million.

As social media continues to increase in popularity, new functions for marketers and businesses are constantly being added. Last week, Facebook announced they were adding new tools to help businesses measure the social context of their ads. You’ll soon be able to tell how many of those new “likes” came from which ad, or which ads drew the most users to your page.

Twitter is also improving their user offerings, including a new web interface, media viewing enhancements, and easier ways to discover related content.
But they don’t want to be known as a social network. “Twitter is for news. Twitter is for content. Twitter is for information.” This statement comes from Kevin Thau, vice-president of Twitter’s business and corporate development, at the Nokia World 2010 conference.

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