Facebook Making it Easier for Business Owners to Post Updates

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To build a good social media marketing campaign you need to make sure you run a regular stream of engaging and varied posts throughout the week. The social media world has long debated on how much is too much when it comes to updating your Facebook status or Twitter feed, and honestly, there’s no right answer.

Social media metrics are hard to analyze due to the ever changing nature of the beast. Every time some “expert” has figured out the magical time and rate to post updates, things change. For now,the best social media marketing practice is to be generous but don’t over do it.

Part of running a social media marketing campaign is making sure you’re updating your Facebook profile on a regular basis. These updates can be timely, like having special holiday hours or a limited time offer, or they can be informative or interesting like your SEO articles and blogs. For posting non-dated updates, like your latest blog on summer road trip safety tips, Facebook’s new scheduling feature may be right up your alley.

A recent update to Facebook Pages is that not only can you schedule when individual posts go out, but you can also set levels of administrative controls. There’s even a “content creator” role, which goes to show you – content is king even in social media!

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