Facebook Pages go Mobile: Your Local Business Listing Optimization

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A new mobile app for smartphones is making management of Facebook Pages easier for businesses, which can really help your local business marketing!

Last week Facebook rolled out a new app that is specifically for administrating pages. Many Facebook mobile users have been using their smartphone to post updates to their business’ pages – which can sometimes lead to mis-posts under their personal accounts. The new app lets you easily select to post as a specific page, interact with fans, and avoid crossed account problems.

If you have a physical office location you should have a Facebook Page tied to your address. This is one of the simplest ways to claim your space both on the map and on the Internet, but many businesses don’t know how to take advantage of the search engine optimization opportunity a Facebook Page can create.

Facebook Pages and many other social media platforms are low-cost, simple venues that can generate multiple types of exposure to potential clients. Aside from being listed within the social network’s main website, a local business profile can also appear on search engine result pages – if you have the right SEO strategies in play.

Don’t skimp on the descriptions, about us, business info, and photo fields when creating a new social media or local business listing profile. These areas are simple to complete, but it may take the help of an SEO copywriting service like We Do Web Content to get the most out of these text fields.

Keywords are still king when writing these profiles, and remember that the more local business listing profiles you have, the more search results you can potentially rank for when clients are searching for the terms you target.

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