Facebook Polls Can Give You Valuable Insight into the Minds of your Followers

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Facebook may have removed the Questions feature in 2013, but that doesn’t mean your business page can’t still ask your followers for input from time to time. You can get just as much, if not more, engagement by posing your question in a status update rather than through a single- or multiple-answer poll. Here’s how to craft an effective poll and set up your social schedule for success.

Determine a Schedule for Posting Questions

One of the reasons Facebook removed Questions was because many pages were abusing the feature. Many page owners found it a fun gimmick and overloaded followers’ news feeds with useless or repetitive polls, leaving little room for quality content posts.

In the world of Facebook polling, less is more, and you should keep it down to one poll a week, two at most if you really have a lot to learn about your followers. Try to send out polls around the same time on the same day each week and make it a feature of your page. Give your feature a recognizable title like “We Ask Wednesdays” or “Thursday Thoughts” and keep consistent with your timing and branding.

Make a List of Questions to Ask

If you’re going to commit to one poll a week, make sure you have enough questions to last several months. Follow the theme of the season to help generate ideas. For example, if you’re a fashion magazine, ask your followers what’s on their wish list for shoes this summer. If you’re a divorce attorney, ask your followers what their thoughts are on reality dating shows like The Bachelor and whether or not they’re making a joke out of the idea of marriage.

Avoid questions that could get into sensitive subjects like religion, race, or sexual discrimination. You don’t want to alienate followers or start arguments on your page.

Follow Up with the Questions You Ask

If you’re asking questions you should be reading and recording the responses for future use in developing better content for your website and social media channels. Don’t be afraid to comment back on responses, either. Followers love to see their engagement rewarded with commentary from the page itself. It gives them a sense of importance knowing that the page is really listening to their comments rather than just asking questions for the sake of generating comments.

If possible, do a series of connected questions to get deeper answers from your followers. For example, if you run a flower and gift shop, ask followers for which holiday or occasion they most often buy flowers. After recording the responses that week, the next week you could follow up with a question that announces the most popular response from the last week; then ask what colors they like best for the occasion or what kind of add-on gift goes well with flowers for that occasion.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Followers What They Want

One of the most useful things about posting questions to your followers is that you can straight out ask them what they want to read on your page feed. You’ll learn what types of content work well and what types don’t get the engagement you’re seeking.

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