Facebook Releases its Guide for Business Marketing

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July 28, 2011 – After rolling out Google+ all of the early adopters flocked to crack the world of marketing businesses on the new platform. Google quickly squelched this process by telling enthusiastic marketers to hold their horses, sign up their business on a hard-to-get GoogleDocs spreadsheet, and await further instructions.

Meanwhile, Facebook finally rolled out their own business marketing center to give some sort of uniformity to the often confusing world of social media marketing.


The page (http://www.facebook.com/business) starts out very simple and straightforward, giving the bare bone basics of setting up a business page, creating ads, and interacting with the community. This is all great for someone who’s familiar with the mediocre workings of Facebook and does’t plan on seeing amazing results.

However, we know our clients are far beyond that low-end type of Internet marketing – they want results! We Do Web Content is happy to point you to the business center for Facebook, but quick to tell you that it’s going to take more than just tips from Mark Zuckerberg’s crew to see success.

Our clients who utilize our Social Media Marketing Services not only see improvement in numbers through page hits and fan interactions, but they also expand their presence through the great networking opportunities now open to them. Remember, the number of likes you have doesn’t matter if you can’t give followers great content to interact with!

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