Facebook’s Graph Search Could Affect Your Social Media Marketing

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Facebook announced on Tuesday that it’s rolling out a new form of search within its website – Graph Search. The improvement of internal search on Facebook has been a subject of interest for many years and it seems as if the company is setting its sights on improving it once again.

Introducing Facebook’s Graph Search

Graph Search is an enhanced version of the existing Facebook search, which hasn’t received very favorable reviews in the past. Facebook was quick to point out that the search results you get through Graph Search are restricted to people, groups and pages you’re already connected to, meaning there shouldn’t be a privacy issue (but we know some users will gripe).

Graph Search isn’t a full search engine; it’s designed to pinpoint queries for more personal information. The system is divided into four main categories of search: places, people, photos and interests. For businesses that sell goods and have a more point-of-sale model, this is going to be a great new venue for improving your search results. For more service-oriented businesses, it’s going to take a bit of work to find the best way to utilize Graph Search.

We think that if it works as well as it does in the demos, Graph Search is about to make a big splash in the world of local search. As we all know, Facebook is social, and doing things locally is about as social as you can get. Therefore, Facebook’s focus is to show you results that are as local as possible – if you want it that way.

Example searches show queries like “people who like cycling” that pop up results starting with people you are friends with in your area. This could help a new cyclist find some nearby buddies to ride with. Similarly, if you’re planning a trip to London, the Graph Search demo shows you can search “restaurants in London” but make it even more personalized by adding “that my friends have been to” – then you can pick their brain to see if it’s worth a visit!

So when do we worry about optimizing for Graph Search?

Not just yet, but start planning to enhance your Facebook page soon. Graph Search is in pre-beta, meaning you can sign up for a spot and get a shot at being one of the first users to test it out. Our social media marketing manager, Lisa, is awaiting her shot at the beta and as soon as she’s in, we’ll give you our impressions on how this can benefit your business’s social media marketing reach.

With our limited look at the functionality, we’re looking at five points to focus on for optimization:

  • Make sure you have an active Facebook Page for your business.
  • Update all your information to make sure your location is current and complete.
  • Write a descriptive and keyword-rich “About” and information section to capture search terms.
  • Connect to other similar pages and local businesses in your area.
  • Increase your fan base.

That last one may be a bit of a shocker – we’ve said before that the number of “likes” your page has is really just a vanity metric. While you still shouldn’t be obsessive about having thousands of fans, if Graph Search truly emphasizes on showing results based on your connections, the more people that like your page, the wider your reach will be for search results among their friends.

Keep Your Business on Top of the Social Media Marketing Game

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