Facebook Simplifies with Facebook Lite

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August 12, 2009Facebook has been rolling out a bunch of changes over the past few days, including their new real-time search and $50 million purchase of FriendFeed, but now they are introducing a whole new simplified version of themselves with the new platform, Facebook Lite (via Mashable).

Facebook Lite lets users see updates to their status updates and gives them the option of clicking on 4 main categories: Wall, Info, Friends, and Photos/Videos, and that’s about it. While details about the new lighter version of Facebook are still trickling in, some believe the new stripped-down version is aimed at competing with Twitter. It’s getting back to basics for Facebook, who has no doubt been paying attention to the poopularity of Twitter’s bare-bones simplicity and is perhaps tired of being referred to as an incomprehensible mess (from a user’s perspective).

Right now Facebook Lite is only in its testing phase (which is why info is scare and speculation is high), but should be opened up to more users soon and then officially launched. We’ll provide more details as we become aware of them.

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