Facebook Sponsors Your Clients’ Stories

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February 10, 2011 – If you’re a Facebook frequenter like most of us at We Do Web Content, you may have noticed a recent addition to your right sidebar – Sponsored Stories.

What’s a Sponsored Story? Well it could be your businesses’ next step in social media marketing. Facebook is letting businesses whose clients interact with their page or check in at their location turn those interactions into a Sponsored Story visible to all of that client’s friends.

For those of you out to get your daily caffeine fix at Starbucks, each time you check in at a Starbucks location with your Facebook-enabled smartphone, the coffee company can choose to promote that action with a Sponsored Story on your friends’ pages.


You can’t hide your addiction to Frappuccinos any longer!

This new feature comes along with some other new enhancements to the advertising aspect of Facebook. With custom designed pages becoming all the rage, your Facebook ads can now target specific landing tabs on your business’ page, rather than just the main wall page. This allows for ads to target specific parts of your page, such as special promotions or contests.

If you don’t already have a Facebook page, what are you waiting for? The social media giant is still growing its 500 million+ user base by leaps and bounds, and Facebook fever is only increasing with more users turning to the social media network for news, shopping and networking.

At We Do Web Content we offer custom Facebook page development – everything from design to management. We can help provide you with the content to populate your page and the ad management to bring in new clients. As the advertising tools for Facebook change so do our marketing strategies, so we’re sure to keep your business on top of the social media buzz!

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