Facebook Still King of Time Consumption on the Internet

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September 27, 2011 – Recent data shows that from 2007 to present day Facebook saw a 700% increase in its ranking as time spent online by consumers. In the 3rdquarter of 2007 Facebook use only accounted for about 2% of time spent online. Currently it’s up to about 16%, ranking nearly 4% higher than the entire collective of Google sites!

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Now with Facebook’s new lineup of changes, including Timeline and the integration of Spotify and Netflix, it’s pretty obvious that time spent on this social media giant is only going to increase. But how do you really identify what “time spent on Facebook” is?

If you’re actively reading through your news feed and posting or commenting on content, you’re definitely spending time on Facebook. But if you’re actually in your Spotify account and it auto-posts the new artist you’re listening to, does that count as time spent on Facebook as well?

You can’t always trust the numbers when it comes to determining whether or not a social media platform is successful in business marketing. What you CAN do is talk to social media management companies who know how the game is played.

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