Facebook Strikes Again — FB Growth Doubles Twitter’s in July

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August 13, 2009 – It certainly seems like Facebook week, especially with all the recent headlines about Facebook purchases, launches, and redesigns, but it looks like FB is on the right track because they grew twice as much asTwitter did in the month of July (via TechCrunch).

According to comScore, Facebook brought in 87.7 million unique US visitors in July (a 14% increase from June), easily beating out Twitter’s 21.2 million unique US visitors (a 6% increase from June). In fact, Facebook’s giant numbers actually moved them from the 6th largest web media property in the US to the 5th largest.

Although it is important to note however that this study only looked at folks entering Twitter.com, not those who use mobile and desktop applications like Tweetdeck or Tweetie.

Check out the entire article on TechCrunch for more numbers and charts.

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