Facebook Trumps Google to Become Most Popular Site in U.S.

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March 18, 2010 – We all know that Facebook is popular-heck, everyone and their grandma, cat, and favorite deli has a Facebook page-but the social media site can now brag that it is officially the No. 1 Website in the United States.

DigitalBeat reported this week that Facebook topped Google in the week of March 7 – 13, in terms of Web traffic in the U.S. During that week, the enormously popular social networking site accounted for 7.07% of all Web traffic in the U.S., while Google clocked in at 7.03%.

While that .04% may seem inconsequential at first blush, consider this: Facebook’s traffic for March 7 – 13, 2010 represented a whopping 185% increase from the same week in 2009. Google’s growth comparison for the same 2 weeks? A relatively paltry 9%.

Experts attribute the growth to the increased popularity of social networking games, including the Web sensation, FarmVille, which boasts an estimated 83 million active users (Yes; you read that correctly – 83 million users!).

It’s important to note that not every Web analytics team is ready to hand the crown over to Facebook. Comscore contends that Google continues to outrank Facebook. Regardless of where the two stand on the podium, it’s worth noting that Google is a resource for an estimated 81% of Americans.

These eye-catching statistics demonstrate the importance of developing a well-rounded Web marketing approach that includes a company Facebook page, as well as a Website that has been search engine optimized in order to achieve a top ranking on Google.

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