Facebook Ups Their Search with Vanity URLs

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Facebook has announced the launch of their new vanity URL program, a step that will not only allow Facebook users to find their friends and favorite brands more easily on Facebook, but also through major search engines like Google starting at 12:01 am EST this Satruday night.

The Facebook vanity URLs are expected to become a major hit with individual users and companies alike, as Facebook users up until now have been assigned a random URL that doesn’t help with searches. The launch of the vanity URLs will have heavy Facebook users and marketers scrambling for the best names for their Facebook fan pages.

Facebook is also taking several precautions to help businesses protect their brand identity and discourage domain-squatters and other users who would try to claim the most prominent names and sell them off to the highest bidder.

Some of the Facebook vanity URL precautions include:

  • Once a vanity URL is chosen it cannot be changed or transfered (a great attempt to discourage domain squatters)
  • People who have signed up for a Facebook Page after May 31 will have a waiting period before being allowed to choose their vanity URL
  • Facebook is barring generic names, i.e. – “pizza” or “flowers” from being used for vanity URLs
  • Facebook is also supplying a form where businesses can request that their trademarked names are not registered to another group

So choose your vanity URL carefully, get ready, get set, and go market!

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