Facebook’s Mobile App is a Great Tool for Global Communication

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The concept of 6 degrees of separation is nothing new and most people understand that with the proliferation of social networks, making connections is easier than ever.

Facebook takes this concept one step further. With very little effort and significantly less money than the cost of international travel, the Facebook mobile application makes it possible to have global reach anytime and anywhere.

Facebook boasts some impressive statistics:

  • Over 250 million active Facebook users
  • Approximately 30 million Facebook users on mobile devices daily
  • 30 million users update their status daily
  • The average Facebook user has about 120 friends
  • Approximately 70% of Facebook users are from outside the United States

Facebook clearly resonates with more people around the world than in the United States. This fact alone makes Facebook a great first step for anyone looking to have friends around the globe.

So, the next time you need a quick getaway between meetings or while on the commuter train, openFacebook’s mobile site, log on, and search for new friends in foreign countries. Seeing what your international friends are having for lunch in Italy can at least for a moment, take you away for a short mental vacation.

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