Facebook’s Subscribing us to More Marketing Opportunity!

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September 20, 2011 – There’s never a dull moment with Facebook! The social network behemoth has been rolling out even more new features in the past week from improvements to lists to the subscribe feature.

Subscribe is the latest new shiny object that Mark Zuckerberg is dangling before users and is of specific importance to law firms. Many firms struggle to have a professional page for their business, but still keep followers connected on a personal level. Unfortunately, unless you’re using your personal profile to directly contact fans, this has been difficult to achieve through a business page.

Now if you turn on the “allow subscribers” feature your page’s fans can follow your public updates without having to allow them access to your whole profile. This will allow you to share thoughts and links that you feel are relevant to your subscribers without worrying they’ll also see your post about how you feel about Heidi Klum’s latest dismissal on “Project Runway.”


Of course, this still means that you have to be aware of how you’re designating a post before you submit it. If it’s marked public that means it goes out to everyone, so make extra certain it’s a quality post!

If your law firm has multiple partners all administering a page, Subscribe allows them all to have a more personal voice. This is especially useful when you have attorneys handling certain case types or practice areas, as it lets their expertise shine as an individual without having to disclose too much to clients about their personal Facebook activity.

If all this sounds a little confusing and involved, don’t worry. Marketers are just exploring the potential the Subscribe feature has in the world of social media marketing, and there’s sure to be new tricks to learn! At We Do Web Content, we’re all about the social media tricks and we can help you take advantage of the latest features on the top sites!

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