Facebook’s Timeline: Dawning of a New Era or Jumping the Shark?

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September 23, 2011 – Yesterday’s f8 developers conference announced what many of us had already heard – Facebook is rolling out yet another drastic change.


“Timeline” is exactly as it sounds, a linear progression of your life on the Internet. It will begin filling in your story through the posts and content you’ve already made to Facebook. Then you can go into pre-Facebook years (if you remember there was such a time that Facebook didn’t exist) and add in your own milestones, photos, and more.

This latest change is in cooperation with Facebook’s ever growing campaign to integrate itself into every aspect of our lives. Their focus is to nurture the personal connections Facebook allows us to make, rather than being just a bunch of social game requests and chain wall posts.

The problem many users are seeing with this new direction they’re taking is that maybe too much istoo much when it comes to sharing your personal life story. While some people are an open (face)book, many of us would rather just use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and businesses/brands we like to know about.

Privacy has always been a big issue with Facebook and Timeline will no doubt add to those worries. It’s going to be a rocky couple of weeks as developers, marketing professionals, and social media gurus figure out how this new feature works.

At We Do Web Content we’ll be taking advantage of the developer access to gain early admission to the Timeline ride – and we’ll let you know how it is! From a marketing standpoint this could mean great things. Just off the top of our heads, we’re imagining: 

  • Building an informative timeline full of relevant posts, milestones, and events in your business’ history.
  • Using the social tools like music with Spotify and other “fun” apps to give your business a more human appeal.
  • Developing more personal relationships with your clients by showcasing business events on your timeline that they may find relevant.

Once we get our hands dirty in the Timeline feature, we’ll be sure to share our thoughts and ideas on how this change will improve our social media marketing services to you!

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