Facebook’s Timeline Delay and Apple’s Latest iPhone

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October 5, 2011 – Well, October 3 has come and gone and where’s my Facebook timeline? OK, I actually have it because I opted in for the developer mode version, but I’m not using it much because it just doesn’t feel finished.

So is that the reason for the release delay? Nope, like every big thing with Facebook, there’s a lawsuit involved. This time, the launch was delayed to October 6 (they say) because a small Chicago company, Timelines.com, filed a patent lawsuit against the social media giant. Their claim is that the Timeline feature threatens its business. The company incidentally owns the trademarks to “Timelines” “Timelines.com” and “Timelines&design”

A request for a temporary restraining order against Facebook was rejected by the court, however after yesterday’s meeting between Sam Lessin (product manager of Facebook) and Timeline.com’s representative; we’re waiting to see how the injunction request goes. Meanwhile, there’s no solid release date until all these legal shenanigans get ironed out, so you’ve still got time to try and adjust to the new newsfeed before you get pushed into the Timeline profile as well.

Enough about Facebook, let’s move on to what really stole the Internet show yesterday – Apple’s iPhone announcement…or not-announcement as some put it. Everyone was expecting the iPhone 5 and what they got was a slew of new iPods, iOS5, and the iPhone 4S.

Just like the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4S is a beefed up but comparable version of the previous generation. It’s got a better camera, faster processor, better display, and the best functionality with iOS5. One of the coolest features? Siri, the voice-concierge feature that lets you tell your phone what you want it to do. Might help curtail texting and driving?

So to wrap things up, we’re still waiting for the public launch of Timeline to see how this will impact marketing on Facebook. As for the latest from Apple, this only stresses the importance of mobile presence when you want your business to be searchable to clients on the go. Next week we’ll have features on easy ways to get your business on smartphones without needing an app!

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