Find Your Area’s Marketing Profile

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August 16, 2010 – Area demographics play a large part in everything from property values to how many credit card offers you get in the mail. Did you ever wonder how your local areas are labeled?

A new website, MyBestSegments, allows users to enter their ZIP code and see the same information marketing firms use to target their advertising campaigns. The site is powered by Nielsen (one of the leaders of market research) and it’s not just a bunch of charts and numbers – they actually have labels for certain types of areas.

Do you live in a “bohemian mix”? Or are the bulk of your clients coming from an “urban elders” community? Knowing what type of people live in certain areas can drastically benefit snail mail advertising campaigns, and help with locating the best physical areas to place visual print ads.


Are your local clients “urban elders” or “urban hipsters” ?

If you go through your client database you’ll notice many common ZIP codes to run through MyBestSegments and gain a little insight into the profile of your typical client. Of course, not everyone will fit the profile generated for their ZIP code, so you shouldn’t rely completely on services like these to create your entire marketing plan. MyBestSegments is a good place to start, and at the least, it’s an interesting look at why we receive the types of advertising we do.

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