First Impressions of Facebook’s Graph Search

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I finally got my Facebook Graph Search beta access!

…and that’s about as excited as I’m going to get.

Maybe I’m a sucker for hype, but after playing with Graph Search for a few days, I’m underwhelmed. Watching the videos and demos last week, I had high hopes. Maybe I don’t have enough friends for this new enhancement to really do anything amazing? Maybe my friends are just boring and don’t share enough?

Personal shortcomings aside, after a few searches to see how I could explore deeper connections with my friends, I started looking at Graph Search from a business marketing mindset. While I still didn’t find anything that I think will be a game-changer, I did notice some interesting things worth pointing out.

The First Sentence of Your Business Info Is Now More Important

When you do a Graph Search for something like “Japanese restaurants nearby that my friends like” it pops up the business pages for local Japanese restaurants that people on your friends list have “liked”. A basic page listing looks like this:


Notice the second icon under the description, the little circle with an “i”? That’s the “info” line and it contains the very first sentence of your page’s description.

If you don’t have a good description on your business’s page you’re missing out on a valuable marketing tool!

Here’s an example of three chiropractic offices that my friends go to:


Notice the top two have nice info descriptions, and the third shows nothing. That’s due to Ace Chiropractic not having a Facebook page, let alone a description! That listing was generated from a check-in that a friend made when he visited their office. If they were working with We Do Web Content, they would have shown with a fully optimized and complete Facebook business page!

Early Optimizing for Graph Search

Graph Search won’t go live and standard for everyone for a while – no official release has been announced, but they’re slowly rolling out beta access to those who request it.

While you’re eagerly awaiting your beta access like I was, or if you’re dreading the inevitable privacy invasion (yes, there’s of course already controversy over the data being shared), you can be proactive in optimizing your business’s page for maximum impact in Facebook searches.

First is your profile picture – it needs to stand out. Blurry, irrelevant profile pictures are going to be a big turnoff here because they’re the biggest thing each listing shows. Consumers are attracted by visuals, so make sure you’re using a high resolution version of your logo, or an intriguing picture of yourself or staff. Avoid boring, unrelated images – no shots of your lobby or photos of your pet (unless you’re an interior design specialist or dog groomer).

Next, make sure all of your business information is completed and accurate. Depending on how users search, they will see different things to the right of your page’s profile picture. For my Japanese search it showed the important information like location and business hours, as well as the description and then showed the friend connection (which of my friends had checked in there).

Finally, and most importantly, make sure your business information field is completely filled out. Use this space to your advantage! This is your roughly 160-character spot to shine on a Graph Search result – MAKE IT COUNT! That lead sentence should be catchy and invite the user to visit your full Facebook page to learn more.

Keep On Top of Social Media Marketing

As soon as I finish writing this blog, I’m off to review our clients’ Facebook pages to ensure their profiles are optimized in preparation for Graph Search. When you trust We Do Web Content with your social media marketing, you get the benefits of a full-time PR team without the cost! The members of our social media team (like me!) are constantly watching for upcoming changes in the marketing world to ensure we’re keeping our clients on the forefront of social media marketing.

To get started, give us a call or contact us on our website to get the ball rolling on growing your business through social media marketing! 888-594-5442.