Five Fun and Easy Tips for Ballroom Dancing

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If you are interested in learning how to take your ballroom dancing to the next level so you can look like dancers on shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars”, here are a 5 easy ballroom dancing tips:

Tip #1: Move the Right Way

When dancing in a crowd, you should always move in a counterclockwise direction so as to not bump into other couples.

Tip #2: Find the Right Place on the Dance Floor

With progressive dances such as the Foxtrot and the Waltz, you move all over the floor. With non-progressive dances like the Swing you should stay on the inside of the dance floor when moving slowly and on the outside when moving faster.

Tip #3: Take the First Step

With ballroom dancing, women always take their first steps with their right foot and men with their left.

Tip #4: Signal a Start

Men should signal to their partners when they are about to start a movement by leaning in, which prevents sudden jerking.

Tip #5: Express Yourself with a Lean

Your lean isn’t just meant to signal a start of a movement; it tells your partner how big the movement will be. For a big step, lean in a lot and for smaller steps, lean in only a little.

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