Focus on Relevance When Optimizing Web Content for Google Panda

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Blog Series: Revisiting Your Google Panda Web Content Optimization

November 24, 2011 – The core of Google Panda’s assessment of a website is the metrics – how users are interacting with the site. While the Panda algorithm and its counterpart, Googlebot, aren’t humans, they know that they’re trying to appeal to humans, and therefore put a lot of stock into how users interact with your page.

There are 5 main metrics that Google Panda measures to determine how user-friendly and engaging a website is:

  • amount of time spent on the site;
  • bounce rate;
  • number of pages per visit;
  • page response times; and
  • conversion rates.

While you don’t need to know the individual meanings of each one of these metrics, what you do need to know is that they’re all controlled by one key factor: content quality.

When optimizing web content on your existing site you need to make sure that your older pieces are still relevant to today’s user. An article written about 2008 traffic statistics isn’t going to be very relevant to a current user, and it definitely won’t be helping you rank higher on the search results.

During the Web optimization process you need to go back in and give your existing content a quality check, both for relevance and time sensitivity. While there are plenty of topics that are “evergreen” and always relevant to your business, there are many cases where something that was hot news 3 years ago is just gathering dust on your virtual article library.

When We Do Web Content takes on a Web optimization project to review existing content for Google Panda standards, we look at the article from the ground up. The first focus is the topic, and if it’s not relevant today it won’t be increasing your user-friendliness, which can lead to a drop in those critical metrics.

In many cases, old articles ARE salvageable, sometimes by adding some fresh keywords, or even just updating outdated statistics. Optimizing Web content doesn’t have to be a huge chore when you know what articles are worth keeping and which need to be dropped from your website.

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