Foursquare Could Benefit Your SEO – Here’s How

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If you didn’t know, April 16 was 4sqDay! This grassroots campaign started back with a few Foursquare fans in the Tampa Bay area and has now grown to an event officially recognized by Foursquare!

So you may be wondering – what does Foursquare have to do with SEO? While Google may not care about when you check-in to your favorite local burger joint or that you’re mayor of the Starbucks down the street from your apartment, you should stop and think about where the notifications about Foursquare show up on other websites.

Every Foursquare user has a profile, and every time a user “checks in” at a new location a profile is created for that spot
. If you didn’t claim your Foursquare business profile and optimize it, you could be missing out on some great search engine leverage.

Claim your business location on Foursquare and focus on 2-3 keywords you want to rank for. This can help you show up in Google searches and also help boost your connection to those keywords, when users check in at your location. Each check-in means the link to your Foursquare profile appears on that users profile, as well as their Twitter and Facebook accounts, if they have them linked.

Foursquare isn’t a key focus of search engine optimization, but it can be a positive little boost for certain businesses. We Do Web Content can help you analyze your business’ SEO needs and determine the right location based search marketing methods for you. With custom content on all of your websites and profiles, plus enhancement for local business search opportunities you can help your business achieve success on search engines!

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