Friday Fun: The Content Idea Generator Challenge

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While at the Prevail Users Group Conference in Orlando, our sales manager, Alex Valencia, found a fun web content toy to play with and issued our in-house writer, Lisa Melegari, a challenge.

The toy is Portent’s Content Idea Generator. All you have to do is put in a word or phrase and it’ll generate a content idea to blog about. The caveat is that the words they combine before and after your phrase aren’t always normal. So the challenge is that every Friday, Lisa will generate a new content idea and write that day’s blog based upon the topic.

Let’s get started with…”How to be unpopular in the web content world.”

Steal Your Competitors’ Content

Sometimes you’ll be on a competitor’s website or a site related to your business and see a great piece of content. It’s something of quality that you know your clients would love – so naturally you want to feature it for your business.

There’s a big difference between sharing content and blatantly stealing it.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing – if it’s done properly. The easiest way to share something and not get in trouble is to provide a link directly to the content page. Don’t copy it to your own page, don’t host it on your own website – provide a direct link to the content you want to feature. If it’s something on a competitor’s site you may not want to link directly to it, though, as that’s driving traffic to their site rather than yours.

If you want to make enemies in the web content world – steal others’ content. Copy and paste their articles directly to your site, upload their infographics and post them on your Facebook page – even worse, attribute their content to yourself and strip off their author tags and watermarks. You’ll make enemies real quick!

Keyword Stuff Your Websites

Writing good content for web sites can be hard, but when you’re writing good content for web sites you can use a company that writes good content for web sites. All you have to do is give them keywords to use to get good content for websites and your website will rank because it has good content for websites.

Think keyword stuffing is annoying? Your clients think so, too, so it’s a great way to generate really unpopular web content. Even worse, search engines hate keyword stuffing, too, so your ranking will drop real quick.

Don’t Update Your Content

Launch your website, put out some great web content, and walk away. Don’t update statistics, don’t post blogs, let your articles go stale. Have a website for years and never touch a page – and never see a decent search ranking ever again!

If you don’t update your content, add new content, or refresh old articles from time to time, your website’s page ranking will drop tremendously. Google loves fresh, up-to-date content, and if you want Google to ignore you, just don’t update your website.

Avoid Being Unpopular in the Web Content World

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