Friendly Blog Competition Can Be Great Marketing!

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October 27, 2011 – I’ve got a rival! Well, not really, but things are definitely being shaken up here in the We Do Web Content offices.

One of our newest employees, Alex Wall, has brought her great knowledge of SEO and search engine marketing to our ranks, which has resulted in a new blog series. Every Wednesday, get a professional glimpse at what’s shaking in the world of search engines.

Alex’s first blog is up – a must-read about Google encryption and what it means for SEO and social media – but her special series needs a name! Please head over to our Facebook page to cast your vote for the series name, or submit an idea of your own. Next Wednesday we’ll debut her 2nd post with the new name.

Back to the topic at hand, what I just did up there was promote a (somewhat) rival blogger in my own blog. Why? Because sharing isn’t just about getting your content circulated, it’s about establishing connections to other related professionals and businesses. I know Alex reads my blogs, just as I read hers, so hopefully she’ll follow Internet etiquette and give my posts a little love, too!


For your own blog, don’t be afraid to link to others’ content – giving credit, of course – when making a point. Remember that you can’t be considered a knowledgeable source if you’re the only one writing about that information. Having others in your industry who agree on the same points and topics means that there’s more clout to your content!

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