From Content to Conversions

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We’ve said it a million times and we’ll say it a million more, the two most important factors of a successful website are relevant, SEO content that contain calls to action and a well-designed website that features easy navigation. After you have basically achieved these two main goals, the next important step is taking action on your leads.

A spider can make a beautiful web, a web that catches a lot of flies — but what would happen if once those delicious flies were stuck in the web, the spider just ignored them until they freed themselves and left. There would be one sad spider, wondering what to do next.

Make a Game Plan for Contacting New Leads

Creating an internal system to quickly and efficiently address the leads your website brings in is just as important as developing those leads in the first place. It may sound obvious, but there are plenty of examples of companies that spend a significant amount of their developing dollars on creating a great website, but then find themselves completely unprepared to contact and follow-up on the leads they are generating.

The ideal goal is to create a follow-up game plan as you are developing your online marketing and SEO content strategies to make sure you are getting the most conversions and ROI possible for your efforts.

Whether that means creating a new department that specifically works on contacting leads or expanding a current role’s responsibilities to include directly engaging those contacts, it’s an area that can’t really be avoided. Without a plan in place it may take a lot longer to get the kind of conversions your website is capable of.

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