Fun Friday: A return to wacky law and content farm fun!

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July 29, 2011 – We’ve got an amusing wacky law story right in our own backyard, plus yet another thing that makes the Internet great: comics!

First, the wacky law. We’ve all seen the dramatic courtroom shows where lawyers put on absurd yelling shows to prove points. It’s all acting, and it can get pretty crazy at times, but people make a living off this. As we recently learned, some attorneys and actors have taken this phenomenon off the soundstage and into reality with Actors at Law.

A Florida attorney, Marc Brumer, saw a need and filled it when he created the company. As a trial lawyer, he realized that there was a huge discrepancy in how a jury reacts to testimony when it’s given live by a witness as opposed to read as a deposition.

When witnesses aren’t available to testify in court, their statements are taken down and typically read aloud by someone else. Brumer takes this idea one step further by bringing in professional actors and actresses to assume the identity of the witness and bring life into the deposition transcript.

The results have been well received – most juries are able to grasp the evidence given in the deposition better when they hear it retold in the witness’ voice. This is also helping save attorneys money when hiring expert witnesses, as a deposition and an actor is in many cases less costly than having a doctor or expert appear in court to testify.

So the next time you see some overacting in the latest legal drama, remember that there are professional actors doing this sort of thing in real courtrooms!

Moving on to comics, we had to re-share this one we posted on our Facebook page the other day. It comes to us courtesy of our own Tricia W. who found it too good not to circulate around the office. There are plans in the works of maybe designing one of these in real life, just as a neat office decoration:


Speaking of Facebook, don’t forget to spread the word about our Back to School contest! We’ve been running it for just about a week now and already have 2 backpacks ready to go with a 3rd only 26 fans away as of 4:30 p.m. today!

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