Fun Friday: Animal Tweets, QR Gravestones, and Incubus

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July 15, 2011 – It’s time for the best of the Internet in this week’s Fun Friday!


First, your dose of cute animals (because that’s a good 1/3 of what the Internet’s about, right?).Check out Mashable’s list of 10 animals that have more Twitter followers than some major media outlets. We’re big fans of Maru the Cat and his cardboard box antics, but now I’m wondering why I wasn’t following Sockington before!

Next up and again from Mashable (if you’re not following them in some way, you really should!) – a new way to memorialize your loved ones. Now, I’ve always struggled to get those silly QR codes to work, so this may not be the best solution, but it’s still a unique way to expand the opportunities to preserve your family’s legacy!

And now, some innovation in the technology world of…boring subjects. Teachers have been trying to find creative ways to teach kids the less popular school topics for years. The Internet is no different, with most users just scrolling through privacy policies until they can click the “accept” button without reading. Popular social media game developer Zynga has turned their privacy policy into a game, hoping that it’ll get more users to read what they’re accepting.

Speaking of mundane topics being turned into games, this one goes out to our boss, Yvette, and her love of the band Incubus. They’ve decided to speak out on the problem of music piracy by creating Incubattle. You get to control 1 of the 5 band members to beat up the evil music pirates trying to steal their latest album, If Not Now, When? Great marketing!

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