Fun Friday: April Fool’s Day Edition

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April 1, 2011 – Don’t worry, no April Fool’s Day jokes from us today. Instead we’ll be sharing with you some of the wacky web shenanigans other sites are dishing out!

ThinkGeekone of our favorite places for all things neat and weird (Rocky’s tank came from here!), continues their annual AFD product pranks with 11 new fake products you wish were real. Since the tradition began in 2001 they’ve been teasing customers with products that would be awesome, if someone actually made and sold them. However, in 2006 they began making a few of these joke products a reality with the Grow Your Own 1-up Mushroom. We’re betting on the Lightsaber Popsicles and the Zombie Bunny as this year’s “pranks turned products”. Here’s a look at past AFD goods.

Another one of our favorite sources of Internet amusement, URLesque, is…odd today. We think you’ll just have to look at this one yourself.

 gets in on the April Fool’s Day fun as well. Go do a quick search for “Helvetica” or better yet, check out the latest Gmail feature.

Did you know redirects to Yahoo? We checked the WhoIs database and can’t really tell if Yahoo itself owns it, but whoever’s in control has it pointing there!

And quite possibly the most frustrating AFD occurrence of all comes to us from Woot! For any of you that are loyal Woot! followers, you’ll understand the anger at today’s offering. Yes, it was the illusive “Bag ‘o Crap” where you get 3 random objects of mystery for a low price of $8. HOWEVER, instead of a mad scramble to buy, Wooters had to play a frustrating “dodge and shoot” flash game. Every level had a certain number of BOCs available and once enough players finished that level, they’d have to complete one additional level to be granted the chance of purchasing a BOC. Let’s just say I (Lisa) was up at 6AM trying to make it through 6 levels to no avail.

If you want even more April Fools 2011 across the Internet, check out Tech Crunch’s big list. We’re amazed at the number of Angry Birds spoofs out there.

And that wraps up our Fun Friday April Fool’s Day edition! Back to reality on Monday as we keep providing you with serious business content!

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