Fun Friday: Bad product placement, tort law explained, and recipes!

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November 19, 2010 – Fun Friday finds us again! This week we’ve got horrible examples of product placement, an amusing way to explain the problems of tort law and product safety labels, and a Thanksgiving side dish recipe (yes, really!).


Time to talk turkey, tort law, and tactics (of advertising).

Bad Advertising (Or is that Badvertising?) – Soap Opera Product Placement

As if the acting on daytime soap operas weren’t enough to scare you away, the Urlesque blog has found some of the best examples of the worst product placement moments. Does anyone really repeat the name of the product they’re holding over and over when you can clearly see it’s a box of Cheerios? Or would someone listen patiently as a friend prattled on about the wonders of Chex Mix? Apparently the residents of Salem (of “Days of Our Lives” fame) do just that, and they really love their Nature Valley Nut Clusters.

Awkward product placement is just one of the many examples of bad advertising methods out there. A strong marketing plan is important to get your name out in the public eye, but when you beat them over the head with it in such an obvious fashion, they’re going to laugh at you rather than pay attention to your product!

Lawyer Videos – The Dangers of Tort Law

This is the first in an ongoing YouTube series based on the Jackpot Justice documentary report. The documentary was created from research from the Pacific Research Institute and while the message is straight-laced, the method of execution is full of humor.

From 3D renderings of slot-machine laden courtrooms to real video footage of skateboard mishaps, tort law gets a lighter edge when it’s explained by stick figures on skateboards. This could be a great way to explain the system of product liability to your 10-year-old!

Thanksgiving Recipe – Balsamic Root Vegetables

Slightly bitter parsnips and carrots are balanced by the red onion and sweet potatoes while the balsamic dressing glazes everything with a tangy-sweet sauce. The cranberries add a nice sweet-tart pop and the whole dish is nice and moist but not mucky. A sprinkle of crumbled bacon pieces or salted pecans before serving adds a nice salty crunch, too.

We love holidays at We Do Web Content. Actually, any excuse to have special goodies in the office is OK with us! Since Turkey Day is fast approaching here in the U.S. over the next few days we’ll be sharing a few holiday recipes to try out on your Thanksgiving table this year.

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