Fun Friday: Challenge Edition!

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June 17, 2011 – We’ve got Twitter fever lately and the only cure is silly Fun Friday tweets! Head over and follow us to catch the last few SEO jokes we’ve been posting all day and start your weekend with a chuckle.

I’ll get challenges from some of the other WDWC members from time to time to see if I can tie a wacky news story into our industry. Recently, our senior project & content manager, Tricia, sent me one such challenge and I am ready to answer!

We all know that catching the attention of potential clients is a critical part of content marketing, and what better way to grab attention than by switching things up from time to time? These principles applied to one Utah family whose father’s unique sense of humor led him to spend 170 days waving at his teenage son’s school bus – in costume.

Father Dale Price decided the first morning his son’s bus route began passing in front of their house that he’d wave – just a little joke to embarrass the sophomore. The friendly hazing turned into a ritual – and to add fuel to the fire, Dale started dressing in costume. Even little brother, Riot, joined in on the fun and the whole family took it in stride. Mom Rochelle even chronicled the ordeal on their blog.

It was the costumes, which changed daily, that not only won Dale positive attention and laughs from son Rain and his busmates, but also from local news media. Dale was soon a local celebrity – much how you can gain extra attention for your business when you step outside the norm with your content!

Feature an article on a new area of interest, somewhat related to your industry, but still a bit out of the box (like this post!). Or do a personal-related blog to deviate from your normal topics and let readers know a little behind the scenes about you and your business. Predictable, consistent content is good, but we all need a little shake-up once in a while – so don a new content costume!


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