Fun Friday: Crazy Facebook Campaigns

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July 1, 2011 – We’re exploding with energy on this Fun Friday because it’s a 3-day weekend! Happy Independence Day on Monday! This week’s wrap up concludes our explosive blog series on marketing your social media with some of the more flashy social media campaigns as of late. Some of these ideas really sparked our interest and lit a fire under our social media team to start exploring new ways to blow up our client’s social networking success!


Here’s to dedication – how about getting 152 of your Facebook friends as a sleeve-tattoo? A video gained viral status when a woman apparently had the profile pictures of her Facebook friends tattooed on her arm in a sleeve design. It was soon revealed via press release that the tattoo was merely a marketing stunt by Pretty Social, a website that offers goods printed with your Facebook friends’ photos.

You don’t need to be able to afford a few hundred pounds of candy to do a similar campaign to the one Skittles did in October of 2010. Skittles celebrity David Phoenix challenged their 1.3 million Facebook fans to log on to the fan page and try to bury him in Skittles before a certain time limit. They succeeded…with nearly 2 million Skittles.

We suggest taking the concept and not the actual event to heart here. That’s a lot of candy! Instead, you could do a contest to drive up your social media followers by offering to donate a certain amount to a charity for each new fan, or something wacky like paint a nail of your sales manager’s fingers (and toes!) a different polish color for every addition (hear that, boss?).

Switching gears for the conclusion of this week’s Fun Friday, we haven’t had any wacky legal news in a while, and it doesn’t get any weirder than a deceased man facing criminal charges for failure to appear for jury duty.

That’s exactly what happened to Michael Wylie, a Massachusetts man who passed away 5 years ago. When he received the initial notice he was in hospice care with terminal cancer. The family attempted to tell authorities that he passed away shortly thereafter, but the letters for failure to report continued. Luckily, the criminal complaint has been dropped. Similar to our feline friend whose jury attendance was requested last year, huh?

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