Fun Friday: Earth Day and Good Friday, Holiday Explosion!

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April 22, 2011 – It’s a day of holidays! Not only is it Fun Friday, but it’s also Good Friday and Earth Day! Happy everything!


First of all, check out Google’s awesome front page graphic. Remember if you use iGoogle you’ll have to sign out to see the plain search page (we wish they’d fix this some day!). Enjoy cute, Earthy, interactive animations of animals and nature!

Next, it’s not too late to save one plastic or paper cup today when you bring a travel mug into Starbucks for your free brewed coffee or tea! Yep, free caffeine fix for just being eco-friendly! Starbucks has been doing this annually since 2006 and we hope they continue!

And now for a cool and somewhat Easter-related story, we’d like to highlight an extraordinary story of customer service and zombie bunnies. Yes, a story this odd has to come from one of our favorite Internet retailers, ThinkGeek. You see, as we mentioned on our April Fool’s Day blog, they featured white chocolate zombie bunnies and as predicted, they made it into real life production.

However, apparently during shipping, many bunnies met the fate of a second death when they melted or got jostled around in their not-quite-adequate packaging. So to remedy this for their loyal customers, they’re refunding the bunny purchase plus shipping costs! Also, their shipping monkeys are looking into new packaging standards for future orders so zombie bunny meltdowns are less frequent.

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