Fun Friday: End-of-the-month Office News Edition

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April 29, 2011 – This will probably be one of the few blogs you’ll read today that isn’t about the Royal Wedding!

Fun Friday this week is full of office news. Since this is our last FF of the month, we may as well share the sad news that the WDWC team had to say goodbye to two of our wonderful employees in the past few weeks.

Our Marketing Associate, Allison, left us earlier this month to pursue another position closer to home. She’s still with us in spirit, providing cute Internet content on her blog, Look Out! The Cute!The office went out to lunch at Cheesecake Factory to bid her farewell, and Lisa provided a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, decorated with the Twitter Fail Whale (to symbolize her being swept away from us – and also because whales are awesome).

Just this week we also had to bid adieu to our Senior Editor, Jenny, as she and her husband return to their former Texas stomping grounds after being away for 4 years. Jenny will be writing for Texas A&M University now, so we wished her luck with a farewell luncheon at a local Panini shop (where we were nearly wiped out by a tumbling patio umbrella!). Her goodbye cake of choice (also baked by Lisa) was a chocolate cake with almond filling and vanilla icing (sorry, no pics since it was devoured quite quickly).

But with all the losses, we have a new addition to the WDWC team as well! We welcomed Amanda to the team earlier this week and she’s been working diligently to get up to speed on our processes and procedures. We’re excited to see how she helps us provide our clients with even more awesome content!

To wrap up our office-newsy Fun Friday, we’ll make it a Fish Friday, too! Rocky is living the life of a pampered desk fish. He still spends his days frolicking in the tap stream and has started jumping up out of the water when human fingers get near the surface (he’s learned fingers = food to come!). We’ve started giving him little snacks before we leave the office at night, he’s a little porker!


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