Fun Friday: Facebook is Now an Energy Drink

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November 4, 2011 – Late nights spent at your computer picking through your newsfeed for the latest updates from your friends and fan pages can be tiring. Why not grab an energy boost from your favorite social media platform?

This may sound crazy, and that’s why it’s a Fun Friday feature story – Facebook is now available in energy drink form.


We didn’t believe it either, but close examination of the “Facedrink” product listing we found on Amazon looks real. There are even a few customer reviews, though they aren’t especially positive. Personally, I don’t drink energy drinks, and all of those I’ve tried haven’t impressed me with flavor, so I can see where the reviewers are coming from.

Whether it’s a hoax or just a company trying to cash in on the popularity of the social media king, it’s still an amusing concept. We see things like this all the time where a well-known brand identity is used to sell unrelated products and energy drinks are no exception. You can find a variety of TV, game, and celebrity-related energy drinks sold at novelty stores like Spencer Gifts.

If the product is actually from the team behind Facebook, it’s definitely a clever marketing concept to put your logo or name on an unrelated product. On the one hand, you could reach a whole new potential client market (assuming there are any people left who haven’t heard of Facebook). On the other, you need to be careful of exactly WHAT you connect your reputation to. And of course, there’s the whole issue of rather blatant copyright infringement if this novelty item isn’t officially connected with the social media brand. (Our guess: once Facebook catches wind of the liquid refreshment, it will go bye-bye, or come under its wing.)

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