Fun Friday: Funny Law Firm Names and a Week of Boxes!

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August 5, 2011 – More wacky law this week, plus some office news!

Our awesome intern Alex (yes, we have 2 Alexes, Sales Manager Alex and Intern Alex, luckily the former is male and latter is female so they’re easy to tell apart) stumbled across this great list of 10 funny law firm names. Think about how you’re branding yourself before you go creating a logo and registering that company name!

And now in office news, don’t you get all excited when someone knocks on your door with a package? It’s no secret we love deliveries here at WDWC!

Whether it’s food, office supplies, marketing materials, or something completely random, it’s always exciting to get new stuff. This week we started out with our Office Depot delivery which contained the first round of school supplies to prepare our backpacks for donation at the end of this month:


Then on Wednesday, Sales Manager Alex made sure we’re not violating fire codes by purchasing a shiny new fire extinguisher. Not sure how much good it’s doing sitting in a box on the floor…but I’m sure he’ll get it up on the wall soon!

Yesterday was probably the best box of all when Alex arrived with our new 32″ flat-panel TV for the break room! Now we can watch Jerry Springer on our lunch hour!*
* Note: This is hopefully a joke.

So to close out another wonderful week here at We Do Web Content we’re happy to report that we are only 11 “likes” away from our 4th backpack donation! We know you all can get us up there by Monday, but why not try for Friday instead? We’ll be hitting up our local Office Depot to get what we couldn’t order online this weekend – help us fill more backpacks for needy kids!

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