Fun Friday: Google, an illustrated look at the web, and Facebook shoes

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December 3, 2010 – The buzz on the Internet lately has been focused on the seemingly never-ending Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This year it’s almost like they’ve turned into week-long events, especially with big name online retailers like Amazon and TigerDirect extending their sales well beyond the traditional post-Thanksgiving Monday.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped us from finding some non-holiday shopping related articles of interest for your Fun Friday enjoyment!


Don’t worry, the shoes don’t update your status…we hope.

Search Engine News – Google No Longer Rewards Bad Publicity

We almost wrote a blog about the original story posted by The New York Times regarding an online eyeglasses retailer who focused on his negative publicity to boost his search engine rankings. We know the saying goes, “any press is good press” but come on!

According to the owner of DecorMyEyes, he’s been reaping the benefits of the negative reviews and customer complaints because they helped boost his ranking on search engines. When the piece ran in the NYT, Google was none too happy to be shown as a boon to this thief’s business, and promptly did something about it.

With some changes to their top secret algorithms, Google has been able to flag merchants that provide a poor customer experience and assign them lower rankings on the search result pages. As always, the goal with Google search has been to provide users with the most relevant, trustworthy results to their query, and this is another step in that direction.

Cool Internet Stuff – An Illustrated Guide to 20 Tidbits About Browsers & the Web

With its cute illustrations this could be your child’s new bedtime storybook. Ok, maybe not, but it’s still a nice low-tech explanation of many things Internet. This “book” not only showcases how useful HTML5 is (and it’ll tell you what that means) but it also boasts cute little doodles to help keep your attention.

The facts in the book aren’t any new revelations, but they do help put some of the more technical aspects of how the Internet and web browsers work into a more easy-to-digest format. It’s a cute read if you’ve ever wanted to know more about cookies, or what an IP address is.

Social Media Shenanigans – Social Media for Your Feet

Do you have a social media addict on your holiday gift list this year? A Scottish designer has taken the color palettes and logos of the two most popular social networks – Facebook and Twitter – and applied them to a kickin’ pair of Adidas trainers.

Unfortunately, they’re custom designs and not available for retail purchase (yet). But if you’re really looking for the ultimate social media gift, why not rent Mark Zuckerberg’s house?

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