Fun Friday: Halloween Costumes of the Internet Professionals

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It’s Friday, and Halloween is coming up in less than two weeks. Since it falls on a Thursday, that means office costume parties! If you’ve ever been to an office costume party you’ve probably seen plenty of hastily store-bought costumes, so stand out this year and get creative!

We Do Web Content is an “Internet company,” meaning our work is primarily done on the World Wide Web. There are dozens of business types that fall into this category and if we all have one thing in common, it’s that we love to watch viral Internet trends. The best part is, these online phenomenons can easily translate into creative Halloween costumes.

Check out some of our favorite ideas below. If you try any of them, or come up with a creative costume of your own, let us know in the comments (and include a link to the pics!).

Google Hummingbird


This colorful critter became Google’s latest algorithm namesake back in August but has just begun making the buzz around SEO companies and Internet marketers. Turning yourself into a hummingbird will involve a sewing machine (or iron-on hemming tape) but the results will be eye-catching!

Start with a solid green, long-sleeve shirt and add flaps of similar colored fabric under the arms, attached to just below the armpit. Create a white beard on the upper half of your chest and then drape a veil of red cloth (or a bandanna) under your chin. Black leggings are the last part, but you can also go the extra mile by making a “beak” out of two paper towel rolls cut in half and tapered at the end to create the top and bottom half, which can be secured with string over your nose.

MySpace Zombie

zombie business team

MySpace was a pioneer of the social media world and in 2004 it was the greatest thing ever to hit the Internet. Flash forward to 2013 and most people don’t know the name unless they’re a “creative”. But MySpace is trying to revive itself by rebranding as a place to “discover, share and connect with culture, creativity, sound, images and communities.”

Making a MySpace Zombie costume is easy – make a zombie costume (we found a great tutorial here) and then slap the MySpace logo on your chest. Voila! Just don’t complain when people ask you “what’s MySpace?”

Pinterest Board


It you want your costume to be “interactive” and simple, go as a Pinterest board! All you need is a chunk of clean, blank cardboard (science fair display boards with the sides cut off work great), some string, markers, and a bunch of post-it notes. Title your board “Pinterest” in your best handwriting (or print the logo out and glue it on), string the cardboard around your neck so it hangs over your front.

Next comes the fun part – walk around and ask people to “pin” things to you with the post-its. You can let them write whatever randomness they want, or give your Pinterest board a theme and ask that they contribute a pin.

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