Fun Friday: Halloween Edition!

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October 29, 2010 – It’s another Fun Friday, made even more fun because it’s the Friday before Halloween! This Sunday the twilight streets will be filled with trick-or-treaters, houses will be decorated with pumpkins and ghosts, and plenty of parties will evoke horrifying/silly/awesome costumes. And of course, we’ve been collecting great articles all week to illustrate some of these great traditions!


A pictoral version of what’s to come in this week’s Fun Friday blog!

Awesome Pumpkins – The R2-D2 Jack-O’-Lantern

Carving holes into gourds is so last year, more and more people have been sculpting (we say shaving) their pumpkins to create some amazing glowing designs. One of the biggest problems with an intricate pumpkin design is carving out tiny pieces, or floating parts (like pupils in an eyeball). But if you don’t cut all the way through and just shave off most of the skin, you get an amazing glowing pumpkin like this one.

Everyone’s favorite droid from Star Wars is replicated in this awesome R2-D2 pumpkin which probably took a good deal of hunting in the pumpkin patch to find a specimen shaped JUST right. We admire the tenacity of the R2-D2 Pumpkin’s creator, because not only did he create this masterpiece, but he also did a pumpkin Death Star in 2008. An artist indeed!

Trick-or-Treating – Real Estate Website Zillow Ranks Top 20 Cities

While it’s mainly based on statistics such as home value, population density, walk-ability, and crime rates, Zillow does have somewhat of the right idea for determining where to score the best loot and be safe this Halloween. Of course, local gossip is going to give you the best insider info for which actual neighborhoods are best to ToT in.

It’s a cute idea, but if you’re not already living in that city you’re probably not going to drive your kids to a whole other area to gather their treats. Many argue that for large cities listed like Chicago and Washington D.C. there’s a huge difference in candy scores between neighborhoods, so it’s probably best to consult with other neighbors if you’re looking to travel elsewhere for your candy needs.

Remember that it’s not always the wealthy neighborhoods that give the best candy, normally it’s the ones that already have a good amount of kids living there – they know they have to be well prepared with treats or face the threat of tricks!

Costumes – How to Dress Like A SEO Expert for Halloween

Wait, this means I already have a costume on? Awesome! Ok, most of us in this office don’t hit any of these costume points, but it’s a funny concept. Apparently the “look” of a SEO expert revolves around the hair grooming, accessories, and shirt/shoes. Apparently anything goes with SEO pants?

Unfortunately it’s gender-biased to male SEO experts only, but there’s a call for those females in the SEO world (like 6/7 of We Do Web Content’s office!) to submit their ideas for the SEO Female costume for next year. We should get on submitting some ideas…

Lawyer Resumes – The Worst (Best) Lawyer Resume Ever!

We’re not sure what’s worse – the fact that he’s rapping his resume, or that there’s the Pinocchio decal on the wall in the background. Was this taped in a daycare? His little brother’s room? We’d really like to know if he actually gets hired with this.

Actually, the win is that there’s a sequel, and it answers the Pinocchio question.

And that wraps up the Halloween edition of Fun Friday! Be safe this weekend if you’re taking the kids out trick-or-treating or attending Halloween festivities!

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