Fun Friday: Happy Geek Pride Day!

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Happy Geek Pride Day! Thanks to the Internet, nearly anyone can make a holiday popular if they have the right marketing methods. From social media to SEO, if you want to get the word out it’s best done on the World Wide Web.

Geek Pride Day is one of those Internet-based holidays that pop up on social network sites every year, and 2012 is no exception. May 25 has been the chosen date since 2006 and many believe it’s due to the fact that the first Star Wars film was released on this date in 1977 – making today its 35th anniversary!

So how does one celebrate Geek Pride Day? Any way you want! There are no rules, but many local geek meetups will be taking place throughout the day, so find your local coffee hangout, comic store, or Internet café and make some new geek friends!

Online contests are also quite the rage on GPD. One of the lead companies for all things Geek, ThinkGeek, is running a Geek Day Photo Contest on their website and anyone who’s ordered from them recently should have received a free GPD button in their package.

What started as a few people being geeks on a given day in May has turned into an Internet and real world holiday celebrated by thousands across the globe. It’s truly a sign of how powerful the Internet can be when it comes to spreading content!

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