Fun Friday: Have you ever wanted to play Judge Judy?

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February 25, 2011 – Happy Friday! It’s time to lighten up your afternoon and get ready for the weekend with a few fun stories from the Internet!


Weird News – Watch robots run a marathon!

We’re glad in many ways that it’s going to take these bi-pedal bots a whole weekend to run a marathon – it means we get all weekend to watch the live Ustream video AND it means we don’t have to worry about outrunning them when they take over. Remember that a marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards or 42.195 kilometers, so if you love cute human-shaped masses of wire and metal and want to watch them amble around the track, check it out!

Recipes – Google Gears Up to Become Next Julia Child

Ok, so this isn’t a recipe, but it’s going to make finding one even easier! Google has been playing with a feature called snippets since last April, and it was widely used for creating search result-friendly clips of recipes, including pictures of the finished dish and a short blurb on what culinary creation is waiting beyond the link.

Now Google’s taken that feature one step further by creating a “recipes” result on the left navigation, allowing you to only search recipes and even target specific ingredients, cooking methods and more. It indexes from many of the major recipe collectives – AllKitchens, Food Network, Epicurious – and puts them all in one simple place. Now you don’t have any excuse when you don’t know what to make for dinner.

Wacky Law – New JabberJury Website Lets You Be the Judge

Do you have an opinion on everything? Think you always knows what’s best? Love solving other people’s disputes? Well, head over to JabberJury! Anyone who has a dispute can create a case and allow the public to give their two-cents on the matter. You can pass judgment on others’ issues all day long as you browse hundreds of cases. Pressing issues like which local pizza place has the better on-campus delivery.

Friday Fish Update
Not much to report. Rocky’s doing just swimmingly! 🙂


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