Fun Friday: Lawyer-birds and How to Get Free Starbucks

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August 12, 2011 – We found a plethora of wacky law stories to share, but alas, they were fake. Still, we felt the need to share since our intern Alex got so hyped about the story she found, only to find out it was a satirical piece a-la-The Onion.

Wacky Law – Lawyer-Bird Makes Endangered Species List

Ok, there really is NOT a lawyer-bird out there, but  the thought of an avian attorney distributing bird justice is just too wacky to pass up. The article details the behaviors of the feathered judges who perform elaborate dances and vocalizations to hold other birds accountable under their bird law.

Cool Free Stuff – Free Starbucks and Good Karma

If you’re a coffee junkie you’re probably familiar with Starbucks’ reloadable cards. They can be tied to a profile account that lets you accumulate points every time you use it, and the balance is reloadable in store or online. Well, this seemed like a good social experiment for one Jonathan Stark and he’s giving you free coffee, so listen up!

Jonathan has posted an iPhone snapshot of the screen used to reload his Starbucks Card on his website. Just load it to your own phone and scan it at the counter, it’ll debt the cost of your order from the card’s balance. How does he keep this going? It all relies on people that practice the “give a penny, take a penny” system…Jonathan hopes that even as some people charge to the card, others will replenish it.

There’s a slew of information on the website about how the system works, as well as links to the twitter feeds with live updates on the card’s balance and the Facebook page where you can learn about their ongoing work on this project.

So go grab a cup of joe on your fellow caffeine-junkies, or donate to keep this cool project going!


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