Fun Friday: MC Hammer Search Engines & Bear News

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October 21, 2011 – We’ve got a ton of crazy internet, legal and office news to share on this Fun Friday!

In wacky Internet news, we have MC Hammer making a comeback – as a search engine. Yes, the “Can’t Touch This” super star rap artist of the 90s has hung up his Hammer pants in exchange for khakis and a polo as he joins the world of search engine gurus. His new venture, WireDoo, promises a “deep search” experience that focuses on connecting keywords to related topics in what he calls “relationship search”

Is this going to give Google a run for its money? Probably not, but it’ll be interesting to see how it works once it gets out of pre-beta phase (which we’re pretty sure is called alpha phase).

For a bit of legal news, we’d just like to say hi to one of our newest Twitter followers, vititoelaw. You may know them as Masry & Vititoe – the law firm portrayed in the Erin Brokovich movie. Pretty cool that one @ mention to @stephenfairley on Twitter generated us a super-famous follower! Just goes to show you the power of the tweet!

A new Fun Friday category debuts today – Bear News! Since Browser’s becoming a celebrity around our office, we’re always looking for cute bear stories in the news, and we’ve got 2 for you this week. First, in Alaska you can pick up some fresh produce if you can manage to work around theblack bear cub prowling the crisper aisle.

Back on the mainland, Tennessee has a bear problem of their own, only this one isn’t as health conscious. A bear wandered in to the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in Gatlinburg and helped himself to pecan logs and caramel apples, maybe as a pre-Halloween treat.

We’ll cap off the Bear News this week with some office bear news of our own! Browser’s already generating plenty of fame as the face of our Panda-Monium Photo Contest, and now he’s set up his own Facebook page to stay connected to all his fans! Follow Browser to see what he’s up to in the office today, and maybe he’ll share some great search engine tips!


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