Fun Friday: Movember, Spock Wisdom & Suing Toddlers

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November 5, 2010 – It’s a new month and a new Fun Friday blog! While the rest of you flipped your calendar to November, we’re ushering in the month of Movember…


All this and more on Fun Friday!

Awesome Cancer Fundraiser – Movember Foundation

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and while men can get breast cancer too, it was more of a focus on women’s health. Not to be overlooked, men’s health takes center stage in November, which has been christened “Movember” by The Movember Foundation in order to support the global men’s health initiative.

Established in 2003 by 30 “Mo Bros”, Movember is a month where supportive men grow a moustache (“mo” is Australian slang for “moustache” – the campaign began Down Under) to raise awareness for issues of men’s health, primarily testicular and prostate cancers. Women who support the Foundation are known as “Mo Sistas” (moustache growing optional).

The Movember website allows Mo Bros to create an individual Mospace page for their moustache diary and charting the upper lip hair progress, as well as a donation feature (check out my friend’s Mospace page for a great example of a personalized page in action!). Many Mo Bros raise money in honor of a loved one they lost to a men’s health issue, while others just do it to raise support for their fellow men. Even if you’re already sporting a fine ‘stache you can always grow it out!

Weird Legal News – You Can Sue a 4-Year-Old

It’s rare to see a defendant under the age of 14 sitting in court, let alone someone who’s not yet in grade school. But the State Supreme Court of Manhattan is anything but normal when it comes to handling trials involving pint-sized defendants.

A claim filed in April, 2009 involved then 4-year-old Juliet Breitman and her friend Jacob Kohn racing their bicycles around the sidewalk in their Manhattan neighborhood. The kids were being supervised by their mothers when they struck Claire Menagh, 87, who suffered a hip fracture and required surgery.

Menagh suffered “serious and severe injury” from the accident and died 3 weeks following the surgery. Her estate sued the children and their mothers on claims of negligence. Breitman’s attorney, James P. Tyrie, responded that Juliet was too young to be held liable for negligence, and that she was not engaged in an adult activity.

Presiding over the case is Justice Paul Wooten, who has permitted the lawsuit to go forward even though he did not find the girl liable. On Oct. 1, he rejected the motion for dismissal of the case based on the defendant’s age, stating that Juliet was 3 months away from turning 5 years old and therefore old enough to be sued.

Crazy Courtroom Stories – Star Trek is Now a Legal Resource

Hidden in a Texas Supreme Court ruling is the wisdom of one of America’s favorite Vulcans. The reference comes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where Spock began reciting the famous “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” passage from A Tale of Two Cities.

While technically, the ruling attributes the words to the Dickens novel, the parenthetical reference in the transcript mentions that the credo is “utilitarian and Dickensian (not to mention Vulcan)” with a direct footnote that identifies the connection between the quote and the Star Trek movie.

We wonder if Leonard Nemoy knows that his character is now a legal authority in the eyes of the Texas Constitution?

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