Fun Friday: Moving Shenanigans

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January 14, 2011 – It seems like only yesterday we were hauling boxes up to the 2nd floor into suite 503. Back in June we moved into our former office and spent a lovely 6 months sharing a bathroom with another office, thermostat wars, slippery staircases, and crazy parking. On Thursday, January 6th we left that all behind to drop back to ground level on the lovely other side of the building!

We now share office space with SPD – a commercial development and property management firm. We’re enjoying better bathroom accommodations, a fuller kitchen, a bit better parking, and access to a conference room again. Take a little pictorial tour around our new accommodations!


The two closed offices, Allison/Tricia and Lisa in the left one and Jenny and Yvette in the right.


In the hallway area, Desonta to the left, Alex to the right.


Our funky new bathrooms and awesome kitchen with full-size fridge! (the old place had a mini-fridge)


The reception area and view down our hallway


The old office and desk chunks we moved.


The A/T/L desk module assembled and the view out of their window (to Alex and Desonta’s desks)

We were only down for a few hours while things got moved and reconnected, and that didn’t stop us from continuing to provide our clients with the best in custom, organic content! Now that we’re settled in, it’s time to give a sneak preview of what’s to come….Fish Friday!

Our in-house writer, Lisa (writing in third person now), got a USB-powered fish tank as a Christmas gift and soon We Do Web Content will have its very own office pet! Come back next week to meet our newest team member and learn how you can participate in our “Name that Fish” contest!


We’re thinking a betta fish and maybe one of those cute tiny crabs!

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