Fun Friday: Rapping Squirrel Edition

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January 28, 2011 – It’s been an interesting week at the WDWC offices. On Monday we came in to find that the streets near our office were the new target of construction crews, meaning we had fun accessing our parking spaces. We’ve been working most of the week from home thanks to the parade of heavy equipment blocking most of the roads, but we’re still busy producing quality content for websites, blogs and newsletters across the country!

Lawyer Videos – Rapping Squirrel Wants You to Call Their Victim Hotline

If you live in the Bronx or Queens areas of NYC you may have a furry advocate for your accident claim. Wonder if this animated rodent ever tried out for American Idol? We’re sure Randy, Stephen and J.Lo would have LOVED him!

Wacky Legal News – Prisoner Cites Festivus Holiday to Get Special Food

A California convict used the semi-ficticious holiday, Festivus, invented for the TV show Seinfeld, as religious grounds to receive special meals for nearly 2 months. The Orange County jail where he was held served salami-based meals, which didn’t sit well with Malcolm Alarmo King. He requested Kosher meals, but those are reserved for prisoners with religious need.

Instead of backing down, he and his defense attorney were able to argue King’s devotion to Festivus as a religious reason for the meals. While eating Kosher isn’t tied to Festivus, feats of strength are, which King may have used to justify the elimination of fatty salami from his diet.

Friday Fish Update

Rocky Balbeta is doing just fine now that he’s got a name! We even gave him some colorful new rocks to celebrate his official moniker. Now maybe we’ll look into a tiny punching bag…


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