Fun Friday: Sharks on a Golf Course and Panda-monium!

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October 14, 2011 – A typical Fun Friday blog begins with me shouting out “ok, what’s weird or cool on the Internet this week?” and Alex W linked me to a story too odd not to pass up. Once discussed and confirmed as a FF piece, there was then the challenge to keep it clean, because there’s obviously a joke or two to be had about balls when you’re taking golf courses infested with sharks.

Yes, a Sydney, Australia golf course has a bull shark problem in their lakes, giving the term “water hazard” a whole new meaning. We’d suggest that you request a do-over if you land one in the pond, because there’s no way you can play it as it lies when a bull shark fin is seen poking out of the water.

This has been an interesting month for Apple, between the announcement of the iPhone 4S and iOS5, and then the sudden loss of co-founder Steve Jobs, the iconic fruit logo has been on the thumbnails of blogs and social media posts everywhere. You may have seen a recent trend using one particular graphic – a silhouette of Steve Jobs appearing as the “bite” out of the Apple logo.

This design was created by a university student in Hong Kong and has become the face of Steve Jobs tributes across the Internet. Unfortunately, no awesome digital design can go uncontested for too long, and Jonathan Mak is now facing scrutiny for supposedly copying the idea from another similar design.

The contested design, created in August as a tribute to Steve Jobs when he stepped down as CEO, was made by Chris Thornley, a British graphic designer. There’s a lot of back and forth on whether Mak’s design was just coincidence, as he claims to have never seen Thornley’s work, or if he was copying, but does it really matter? The world still lost Steve Jobs, and I think it’s a pretty cool tribute icon to him.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…our Google Panda’s name is….


With the entirety of the votes going to “Browser” our panda now has a name to be called by. Come back Monday when we release the details of why getting the fuzzy guy named was so important as we reveal our next Facebook contest!

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