Fun Friday: Social Media, SEO and Sandwiches!

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July 22, 2011 – It’s been a totally Fun Friday here!

We started out the morning getting a nifty new white board installed in the breakroom. Great place to jot notes, doodle, and brainstorm new ways we can improve our content and give our clients new services!

Next came a visit from Maria, our “SEO Queen” who works remotely most of the time, but decided to pop in for some one-on-one with Yvette. It’s always great to break up your day with a few hours brainstorming on the new directions SEO development has been taking!

Soon the entire office was tossing out social media ideas and ways we can improve the services we already offer our clients. All this content marketing makes you hungry, so Yvette treated the whole gang to delicious Panini sandwiches from a local bakery up the road!

Once we were fueled up for the rest of the day, Maria said farewell until next visit and it was back to work as usual…for a bit. We realized this morning our Facebook page has reached over 300 “likes” ! This was a milestone to celebrate, and so we resumed the Friday brainstorm marathon and came up with a great contest to promote even more “likes”! If you’re not already a fan, or have friends who aren’t fans, send them on over! You’ll help make some kids very happy!

And that’s been our recap of a very fun Friday indeed! Lots of social media, SEO, and sandwiches!


We’ll end with a Rocky report since he hasn’t shared the spotlight in a while. He’s still doing quite well, considering he had to live at my house for 2 weeks when we moved (I managed to hide him from the kittens). He’s been happy sitting on the edge of my desk, since it’s right in the middle of things and he can watch everyone.

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