Fun Friday: Spaced Out!

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July 8, 2011 – You’d think that all the office gossip would be shared around our spiffy new water cooler, right?

We Do Web Content marches to a different drum when it comes to discussing the latest news, and we’re much more content to crowd around our monitors to watch the latest live video stream! That’s exactly what happened twice this week with 2 somewhat-local news stories.

First we were all glued to Kim’s MacBook as it streamed the reading of the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial on Tuesday. Then earlier this morning we were all huddled around my monitor watching as 30 years of space shuttle launches came to an end with Atlantis’ successful final launch.

During both of these newsworthy stories the Internet and technology played heavily into their sensationalism, and here’s how:

Casey Anthony

  • Search engine queries were a critical part of the evidence.
  • Several news sources maintained live coverage via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Angry social media discussions (even from celebrities!) erupted shortly after the verdict was read.
  • Hashtags #caseyanthonyverdict and #notguilty topped the Twitter rankings that day, over 325,000 tweets!

Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

  • Live Ustream video allowed anyone at a PC to watch the historic final launch.
  • Both NASA and the Kennedy Space Center maintained live Twitter updates all morning as the countdown clock reached 0.
  • The crew carries the first iPhone to ever make it into space – it’s being used as a research module, and yes, there’s an app for that.
  • The 4 crew members each have their own Twitter feeds: Astro_FergAstro_DougAstro_Sandy, and Astro_Rex.

As you can see, social media really is becoming a part of everyday life when it comes to getting your news!

And it wouldn’t be Fun Friday without a little office shenanigan news. As I was writing this blog, our sales manager, Alex, brought in cake pops from Starbucks (tiramisu, yum!) and our spiffy new wall sign:


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