Fun Friday: Twitter Trending of Steve Jobs and Smart Cars

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October 7, 2011 – We do have to start this Fun Friday off on a sad but interesting note regarding the recent passing of co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Mr. Jobs left us on Wednesday after 56 years of visionary excellence and innovation that’s changed the world of technology over the past decades. He leaves behind a great legacy, so it’s not surprising that his death has become the most rapidly tweeted topic, according to new figures from Twitter.

The previous record-holding event was the MTV Video Music Awards where singer Beyonce revealed she was pregnant during her performance. That event generated 8,868 tweets per second, but the news of Mr. Jobs’ passing surpassed that figure to reach the 10,000 tps mark.

Celebrity news isn’t the only thing that generates a buzz on Twitter – other tweetable events this year included:

  • Japan‘s victory over the US in women’s soccer World Cup – 7,196 tps
  • March’s earthquake in Japan – 5,530 tps
  • Osama bin Laden’s death – +5,000 tps
  • Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wedding – 3,966

Just remember, Twitter claims in 2010 the average daily tweets per second were 600 – that means these were really hot topics! (statistics provided by Sydney Morning Herald)

And now for some fun! Has your car ever told you to get coffee? We saw this image on a newsfeed and just had to find out what was up:


Apparently some of the artificial intelligence in cars today is so advanced that it can detect changes in your driving habits and make the suggestion that you stop for a rest or some caffeine. You can read all about it on the AOL news feature. Now if only they’d have an espresso machine mounted in my center console…

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