Fun Friday: Valentine’s Day Love for Your Clients

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February 11, 2011 – Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Monday marks the day when most of us celebrate our love of being in love and show our appreciation for those who make our world go ‘round.

Most of you immediately think of your significant other, family, and friends on Valentine’s Day but this may be a chance to show your clients some love too – with content!



Ok, not all businesses will benefit from writing about glittery greeting cards and decadent chocolate boxes, but if you’re creative you can work in a little Valentine magic. Consider that your clients are most likely focusing on impressing their significant other with something like dinner or gifts. While you may not be selling anything along those lines, you can give the gift of tips from the perspective of a local resident.

Try a blog post on your favorite local restaurants for a date night out. Or how about your favorite romantic spots around the city? As we’ve said before, deviating from your normal business content can be a welcome disruption on your content schedule and draw some new eyes to your Internet marketing.

Don’t forget to tweet out a little Valentine love on your Twitter and thank your clients for supporting your business.

Speaking of digital love, certain populations of people celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own ways, and we’ve got a little Fun Friday fodder for two of our favorite demographics – lawyers and Internet geeks.

Wacky Law – Looking for Legal Love?

There’s dating services out there for just about every parameter: race, religion, location, etc. but what about professions? One of our favorite websites, Above the Law, has a blog series called Courtship Connection which focuses on lawyer-lawyer dating stories. Great reads for when you need a laugh about love!

Internet Fun – Think Geek’s Valentines Day

It may be a wee bit late to order in time for Monday, but Think Geek has some nerd-tastic Valentine’s Day gifts that will make any geeky guy or gal squee in delight. They sell these items year-round, so it’s not too early to start planning for NEXT year at least, right?

Friday Fish Update
Rocky is doing just fine, in fact he’s letting us know he’s happy by covering the corners of his tank with little bubble nests! Beta fish blow tiny nests of bubbles when they are happy and healthy, showing that they’re ready to mate and give us tanks of baby betas!


Check out my awesome bubble nest!

Our Rocky is a happy bachelor, so there’s no chance of the flipping of tiny fins in the future, but it’s good to know he’s enjoying his new home at the We Do Web Content offices!

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