Generate New Web Content Topics Right from Your eBook

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Running out of ideas for your web content? If you’ve written your eBook there’s a whole book of topics just waiting to be turned into articles and blogs!

There’s nothing wrong with recycling good content topics, and if they’ve made it into your eBook it means they’re relevant to your business. When you wrote your eBook (or had We Do Web Content write it for you – yes, we offer eBook ghostwriting services!) you outlined the most important topics to include in your publication.

These topics made great chapters in your eBook, so why not turn them into articles?

Let Your eBook Become An Authoritative Source

There are two distinct advantages to using your eBook content as fodder for article and blog topics. The first is that you become your own resource for the research needed to produce an informative and quality piece of web content. Your articles and blogs should command a professional level of authority, and one method of creating authority is to cite sources.

How great does it look when your eBook is quoted in an expert article on sites like AVVO or FindLaw? When writing your next external article, quote your own eBook and show readers that you’re the authority on your subject!

The second advantage is that you’ll be working with content topics you know are already successful in attracting readers. Your eBook is already successful and drawing in new clients, so it’s only logical that any topics you write based off that already useful content can be quality topics for your regular web content.

Taking Topics from eBooks Can Do Your Business Another Favor

One eBook marketing strategy that we’ve seen packing a one-two punch is using a topic from your eBook as an article topic and then promoting the eBook within the article call to action. For example, if you have an eBook about the seven mistakes that can ruin your personal injury claim, you may want to write a spotlight blog on each of those mistakes separately. At the end of each blog, entice the reader to request the full copy of your eBook to see the other six mistakes and the rest of your expert advice.

Another tactic is to give away part of the information in a section of your book and then hint to readers that they can get the full information by requesting your entire eBook. A featured selection from your eBook written in article form can be a strong hook to get your potential clients wanting more!

Let We Do Web Content Do the eBook Ghostwriting and Marketing for You

We Do Web Content takes the work out of publishing your own eBook with our team of experienced eBook ghostwriters and editors. Once published, our web content team can follow up with an eBook marketing campaign designed to draw more leads to your business and enhance your professional reputation as a trusted source of knowledge in your area and industry!

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